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Cat Flea & Tick Treatment

The best way to notice that your cat has fleas is when they start scratching themselves a lot more than usual, which will lead to hair loss and bald spots. You might also notice scabs on your cat as a result of the continuous scratching. Order your flea comb online and use it to check your cat’s fur and easily determine whether your cat has fleas!

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Flea Drops (Spot On)

To effectively combat adult fleas, Vetsend offers a range of products including spot on flea drops like Frontline Spot On for Cats. Another way of effectively preventing a flea infestation is by using tablets that prevent the development of flea eggs.

Flea Shampoos and Sprays for Cats

Use a shampoo, spray or powder to help combat a flea infestation. Please note that the sole use of these products only work for a short period of time. To ensure proper protection they should be used alongside drops, collars or tablets.

Environment Spray

Fleas spread rapidly throughout their environment, which is why just treating your cat will not get rid of the infestation. It is important that you treat your cat’s direct environment, including where they sleep, furniture and the rest of the house that the cat comes into contact with. This will help maintain a house that is free of flea eggs and larvae and ensures the problem does not become a never-ending cycle. Try using Bolfo Fleegard Fogger or Indorex Flea Spray to treat your furniture and surroundings.

Tick Removers

A tick should be removed as quickly as possible. By using a tick remover such as the O’Tom Tick Twister, a tick remover or with the innovative tick gripper, removing ticks will be easier and safer. Do not anaesthetise the tick as this triggers it to release, potentially disease-infected, saliva into the cat’s bloodstream. Keep a close eye on your cat and the skin where the tick was removed. If you have any doubts about your cat’s health, contact your vet.

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