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Royal Canin

Founded by visionary French vet, Jean Cathary in 1968, Royal Canin remains as committed as ever to its principals of excellent pet care products right up to the present day. Founded on scientific study, and the growing knowledge of what the real needs of different breeds of dogs and cats were, the company has dispelled many myths about what these animals eat.

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It now continues to be at the cutting edge of pet care into the 21st century, which has led to a loyal base of customers who buy the products. This is not only because the formulas keeps their pets in great health, but because this is a company whose products are based on sound, and trustworthy ideals which continually deliver optimum results.

Royal Canin specialist ranges

In recognising the incredibly wide range of sizes, breeds and medical needs and conditions of your pets, the Royal Canin dog food and Royal Canin Cat Food ranges are comprehensive. They are made from top quality ingredients and provide exactly what your pet needs. So, as pet owners have discovered, whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a large German Shepherd, there’s a range of 4 types of food to suit. Each one recognises what your pet needs to remain fit, happy and healthy whatever the size. Also, dog food is categorised for three ages; it starts with Royal Canin puppy food, graduates to adult and then onto mature. In contrast the Royal Canin cat food range has four kinds. However as felines are pretty much the same size, it instead acknowledges the generally longer lifespan a kitty has. Therefore, each one of the four formulas addresses the changes a kitty goes through as it matures, all of which require different dietary needs.

Formulas for dogs with special needs

There’s also a range of products designed specifically for different health needs and breeds too, which really takes the guesswork out of trying to give your loyal buddy the best. For example, the food for Yorkshire Terriers has the right shaped kibble which a Terrier finds easier to chew, while the German Shepherd food has exactly the right mix of nutrients for a bigger dog. The different breed formulas are also available in royal puppy food variations too. There’s also ranges for animals with medical conditions. For example, there’s a special Royal Canin dog food for pooches with heart conditions, often a tendency in larger breeds. There’s also mixes that are good for supporting and helping dogs with for example, liver, kidney or bladder issues.

Royal Canin

Kitten and cat food formulas for different breeds

With cats, optimum care requires a different approach. This has been studied at length, resulting in a wide range to suit your feline’s needs. Recognising that some kitties are indoors only, and therefore not as active, they have different mixes designed for indoors and outdoors. These have different calorific values which will help keep your kitty trim. There’s also specialist formulas, like for example the formula for Persian kitties. Persians sometimes have dental problems, so this range of kibble has just the right shaped pieces for Persians to pick up and chew. Vetsend also offers a range specially designed for urine/bladder problems in cats, called Royal Canin Urinary. This is a problem which which can occur with some breeds. Last of all, there’s a range that also takes into consideration a feline’s more delicate disposition, and famous reputation for fussy eating. Royal Canin has great formulas for both.

Trying Royal Canin formulas

Whether you just want to help a medical condition, or increase the health and happiness of your pet, you can try out a small size pack first. However, you may well soon be back for more. This is because one of the best things about this company is that all the products are not only tested by science and study first, but go through extensive trials with the pets too. This is is about as great a stamp of approval as it gets.

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