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Dog Beds

Every dog ​​deserves a wonderfully warm and cozy place to sleep. A dog bed will ensure that your four-legged friend will sleep comfortably. We have a wide range of dog beds, which means that they are available in different colours, sizes and materials. For example, there is a perfect dog bed for every type of dog and interior. Many beds have an anti-slip bottom, so that it stays in place. This also provides extra safety. Most covers are removable and can therefore be washed in the washing machine.

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Orthopaedic Beds

We have many orthopaedic dog beds in our assortment. Memory Foam, also called shredded memory foam, is a special filling that adapts to the shape and body temperature of the dog. The weight of the dog is evenly distributed over the dog bed, which reduces the pressure on the spine and joints. Ideal for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis or other joint problems. A orthopaedic dog bed is also suitable for very active, large or heavy dogs, seniors and dogs that are recovering from surgery. Memory Foam always returns to its original shape, so that it always adapts perfectly to the dog, no matter how the dog lies down.

The Madison Orthopedic Bed Velvet is available in multiple, fun colours and it’s also super soft due to the velvet fabric. But why do you really need it? The Madison Foam Plate Orthopedic Cushion Velvet consists of two parts. One part hard foam and one part memory foam. The hard foam prevents bedsores. The memory foam ensures that the pillow molds to the body of your dog and after 5 seconds the memory foam returns to its original shape.


Fluffy dog beds

There is almost no such thing softer softer than a fluffy dog bed. The soft hairs create an extra warm place for your dog. The fluffy dog ​​cushions are available in different colours. For example, you have the Designed by Lotte Xanti Dog Cushion in beige and in light grey.

Self-heating dog cushions

To spoil your dog, you can opt for a wonderfully warm dog bed. A self-heating and heat-insulating dog bed is filled with dense foam rubber and contains warm air pockets that have an insulating effect. The foil layer in the cushion reflects your dog’s body heat. Very useful during the cold autumn and winter months.

Your favourite dog pillows

Looking for a donut bed? This Dog Cushion Harvey from Trixie provides a wonderful place to sleep for your dog. It almost looks like a throne for your dog! This bed is covered with long-haired plush and has a filling of polyester fleece.

Another beautiful and wonderfully soft dog bed, which also fits in every type of living room, is the cushion from Beeztees. It is available in the colours beige and grey, in various sizes. It is filled with regular foam and adapts to the body of your dog. This pillow can be placed both in and out of the crate and is wonderfully comfortable.

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