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Laser toys

Cats are a predatory species and they have the need to chase after animals or things. That is why many cats love playing with a laser light. The light projects a red laser on the floor, which the owner can move around. Your cat will follow his instinct to chase after it! At Vetsend, we have different laser light products.

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Playing together

A laser light allows you and your cat to play together. You decide where the laser light goes, and your cat chases after it. Just make sure you don’t point the laser at your curtains or other valuable furniture, as it’s likely your cat will accept the challenge to catch it. The light might be a bit more difficult to see in bright areas, so it is great for darker areas or evenings. Cats do tend to have more energy when it becomes dark, so it’s a perfect time to play with the laser.

Playing alone

You don’t always have the time to keep your cat busy and entertained. That is why we offer automatic laser products that only need a minute setting up like the FroliCat Bolt. You can decide the laser’s direction or put it on random. With this device, your cat will be entertained during a 15 minute play session!