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Cat Teasers

Challenge your cat with a fun teaser rod! This toy is perfect to boost your cat’s natural predatory behaviour as he tries to catch the toy. Guaranteed fun for you and your cat! We offer playing rods from different brands like KONG, life! and Designed by Lotte.

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Playing together

Playing is fun, but it’s even more fun if you can play together! A playing rod is the perfect solution as it puts the owner in control. Make many unpredictable movements and watch your cat go for the chase! With different styles in our assortment, there is a rod for every cat. Will your cat manage to catch the fish on the Trixie Be Nordic Teaser , or does he prefer to run after lasers? The Kong Cat Laser Teaser is a 2-1 rod with a laser function, for even more fun!

Adding Catnip

Many playing rods and teaser are scented with catnip. If the rod comes without catnip, you’re able to add it yourself with a Catnip Spray like the Beeztees Catnip Spray. The catnip will make your cat even more excited to catch his prey!