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Spot On Flea Treatment for Cats

Flea drops are by far the easiest way to control and prevent fleas on your cat. These drops come in special pipettes that you press empty onto the skin.

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How do you use spot on flea treatment on your cat?

As mentioned, spot on flea treatments for your cat often come in special pipettes. Depending on the amount of liquid, you apply it to one or more places on your cat’s body, usually in the neck. It is important that you remove the hair well to the side to do this, so that the drop is really administered on the skin. You squeeze the pipette completely empty on the skin and take the pipette back, still squeezed, to avoid sucking up the liquid again. Always read the instructions for use of the specific product.

You can often choose from different spot on products for your cat:

How fast do spot on flea treatments work on your cat?

How fast a spot on flea treatment will work depends on the active ingredient used. Most spot on products have an optimal effect after 24-48 hours. There are newer products that work faster. These products kills most of the adult fleas within 2 hours of application.

How often do you give your cat a spot on flea treatment?

Again, how often you should treat your cat depends on the active ingredient in the pipettes. Most products work against fleas for 4 weeks. Some products also work against the eggs and larvae of fleas in the environment. This efficacy can last longer. Always use your spot on flea treatment according to the interval indicated in the leaflet!

Can you also treat kittens with a spot on flea treatment?

Spot on flea treatments can often already be used on kittens the moment they arrive at their new home. The Frontline Combo can be used from the age of 8 weeks. The weight of the kitten is also often a determining factor. Frontline Combo can be used from 1 kg of body weight.

Combination spot on flea treatments that also work against ticks

Because we often want to protect our cats against both fleas and ticks, combination preparations have been developed that work against both fleas and ticks. For cats, these include Frontline, such as Frontline Combo Spot On Cat.

Note: Never use flea drops for dogs for your cat! Many active ingredients used in dog drops are toxic to cats!