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Dog Medical Supplies

When dogs suffer from an injury, they’re likely to get a wound infection because pets tend to lick and scratch their wounds. At Vetsend you can find a large range of medical supplies that can help you take care of your dog after an injury or surgery.

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To protect wounds, Medical Pet Shirts, dog socks, cones and other protective clothing really comes in handy. There are plenty of other supplies that could be useful as well though, like nail clippers, carrying systems, thermometers, pill shooters and much more. Of course, you can’t forget about first aid kits either. With a good kit, you’ll always be prepared for the worst with gauze, bandages and wound sprays.

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at some of the popular brands Medical Pet Shirt, Henry Schein, Trixie, Betadine, Thundershirt and Easypill!

Antiseptic products

We offer various products that help you disinfect and care for wounds. Think of antiseptic products but also sprays and balms that improve the recovery process. Products from Acederm, Aluspray, Dermiel, Ecostyle, and Puur are very easy to apply and can help your dog feel better sooner.

Protective clothing

Protective clothing for dogs has two important functions: protecting the wounds and being comfortable. A shirt that does exactly that is the well-known Medical Pet Shirt for Dogs. This shirt looks like a onesie, protects the wounds after an injury or surgery and does all of that while still allowing your dog to move around comfortably. You can also choose a cone like the Comfy Cone, which is softer than plastic cones yet still prevents your dog from licking or biting the sensitive area. For foot injuries, you can choose protective socks or booties that help the paw heal sooner. It also protects the paws from walking on cold or rough textures.


Vetsend has an extensive range of products specifically for people with a puppy litter. Think of thermometers, pads, heat lamps and puppy bottles. Puppy bottles are easy to combine with puppy milk when you need to feed a puppy.