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Dog Pharmacy

At Vetsend you’ll find an extensive range of medication and nutritional supplements for your dog.

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Some of the popular brands are PUUR, Zylkène, Bach, Beaphar and more! Diet foods already contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your pet’s health. But sometimes your dog might need a little extra boost or some extra help in other areas. That’s where medication and food supplements come in!

Fear, stress and behavioural issues

Dogs tend to get nervous, anxious or restless in stressful situations. Think of veterinary vists, long road trips, fireworks, moving to a new place or an addition to the family. There are various products that can help calm down your dog. From the Adaptil Calm Diffuser to the Bach Rescue Remedy drops. In this category you can also find products for dogs with behavioural issues, like an excessive sex drive, problems with aggression or problems caused by a traumatic experience.

Body & Health

There are also supplements available to support your dog’s physical and mental health. Down below you can find for which health issues Vetsend offers supplements and medication.


Issues with the urinary tract, like bladder stones and cystitis, are very common in dogs. Similarly, many pets have to deal with kidney and liver disease and more than 10% of dogs will experience a heart disease at some point in their lives. Fortunately, the right supplements and medication can help your dog feel better and in some cases, significantly improve your dog’s health!

Respiratory & Throat

Respiratory issues are also quite common in dogs. Depending on the breed, they can be more or less common. For instance, Bulldogs or Pugs are very susceptible to certain health issues due to their characteristic nose ‘deviating’ from the standard anatomy. There are plenty of cough syrups and food supplements that deal with bronchitis, coughing, and other airway issues.

Seniors & Dementia

When your dog is starting to get older, it may be wise to support him with a food supplement. There are supplements that help dogs stay fit, that improve the mental health or that lessen signs of disorientation.

Joints & Mobility

Whether your senior dog is having some mobility issues or your younger dog is experiencing growth pains, there are various supportive products available. Supplements can help your puppy’s joints develop or soothe the joints that are suffering because of old age. A product like Sensipharm Smooth Locomotion promotes flexible muscles and joints.


Depending on your dog’s age and health, your dog will likely move around a lot. Is your dog a little lazy, then he might be more susceptible to experience weight issues. There are various foods available that help your dog loose and maintain weight.

Coat, Fur & Skin

Did you know that of all health problems, skin and coat problems are the most common? It’s best if you help your dog get rid of them as soon as possible. If your furry friend has itchy skin or a coat problem, you can take a look at this category to help your dog get a healthy coat and nourished skin. We can highly recommend the Vetramil products, as these contain cleansing honey and they help protect the skin.

Pain & Inflammation

There are various pains and inflammations your dog might experience. These can be caused by fungi, yeast or bacteria, and they can occur all over the body: from ear to pelvic inflammation. Fortunately, (natural) medication and balms can help treat various health issues.


Vetsend has various products that support your dog’s fertility or that help restore the hormone balance. You can find food supplements that help during heat or that support female dogs during their fertility period.

Adminstering dog medication and supplements

Adminstering medication and supplements can be quiet challenging. But don’t worry, Vetsend has got you covered! To make your job easier, we have various tools to help you out. There’s the Easypill which is soft and easy to feed to your dog.