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Tick Collar for Cats

Ticks are parasites that attach themselves to your cat for a blood meal. Ticks are especially visible when they are full. Sometimes you can see ticks running across the fur looking for a suitable place to attach themselves. Ticks can be found throughout the United Kingdom and are mainly found in grass.

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Flea and tick collar cat

There are several products you can use against ticks. A tick collar is one of the options to protect your cat from ticks. Vetsend has several anti-tick collars in its range. Most anti-tick collars also work against fleas. The Knock Off Flea Tick Collar Cat is a good example of this. There are also collars that repel ticks naturally. For example, if your cat sleeps in bed with you or is with your children a lot, it might be better to choose a different type of anti-tick product.

How a tick collar works on your cat

A tick collar gradually releases its substances to a cat’s skin and fur. The active substance is spread from the collar all over the skin. The substances are therefore in the cat’s fur. The active substances are not absorbed into the blood or are absorbed only in very low concentrations. Because the active substances must spread throughout the body, it is often stated that the collar has reached its optimum effect after about 1 week. The band is a good fit if you can put 2 flat fingers between the tick band and the cat’s neck. There should also not be too many hairs between the band and the skin.

Natural tick collar for cats

If you prefer not to use chemical insecticides, there are natural tick bands for cats. An example is the TPD Flea & Tick Stop Collar and the Knock Off Flea Tick Collar. These collars are dimethicone-based. We also have products that send ultrasonic pulses that keep ticks at bay, such as from the Tickless brand. There are also so-called ceramic tick collars. Most natural products have primarily repellent properties. This makes it difficult to predict their effectiveness in advance.