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Cat Milk

Of course, mother’s milk is the most ideal food for a kitten. It contains all of the important properties and essential nutrients a kitten needs. When a kitten is an orphan, rejected or doesn’t get enough milk from its mother, a kitten milk formula is a perfect solution. Kitten milk can be a complete food replacement or used as an addition. To administer the product, we have nursing kits in our assortment. Did you know kitten milk formula is also suitable for pregnant or lactating mother cats?

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Kitten Milk

Is your kitten an orphan, rejected or not able to get enough milk from its mum? Having a good milk replacement is vital to your little buddy. One of the kitten milk products you could pick is the Royal Canin Babycat Milk. Due to the addition of FOS, a well balanced intestinal flora is promoted. PetAg KMR Kitten milk is a populair milk replacement that copies mother’s milk and contains the same composition of proteins, fat and carbohydrates. This milk also has important minerals and vitamins to support the growth of your kitten. This is essential if the mother can’t offer your kitten enough milk.

Nursing Kits

When you use a milk replacer, you also need the tools to administer the product. Luckily, you’ll find anything you need at Vetsend. Have a look at Gimcat Special Milk Bottle with Treats, a specifically designed bottle to help raise your kitten easily.