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Dog Bathrobes

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Towel replacement

Whether it’s cold or warm weather, when your dog comes out of the water, the coat will be wet through and through. Depending on the type of coat, it differs how long it takes for it to dry. The longer and thicker the coat, the longer it takes. Drying with a towel is also an option, but if you rub vigorously, you will create tangles in the coat again. This is of course something you want to avoid. In addition, a towel only absorbs excess water, leaving the coat still feeling damp. A bathrobe, on the other hand, can be wrapped around the dog and absorbs moisture for a longer period of time. In addition, they also contain a strong absorbent substance. See for example the Eqdog Doggy Dry. The material of this bathrobe contains special microfibres, which means that the moisture absorption is faster than normal. All in all, a dog bathrobe is the ideal solution to quickly dry your dog’s coat!

Keep your house and car clean

A big advantage of a bathrobe is that you can keep your house and car a lot cleaner. When your dog’s coat has dried, the dirt can be more easily removed from the coat. So on the way back home or to the car, you can let your dog’s coat dry with the bathrobe, then remove the dirt from the coat just before you get into the car or house. This can be done by hand or with a brush. This way you prevent stains in the upholstery of the car or on furniture. With the Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Drying Towel you can easily leave the bathrobe on, as the fabric on the outside is waterproof.

Prevents hypothermia

If your dog likes to walk or swim in the water even on colder days, it is important to keep your dog warm. A bathrobe is a good solution for this. You can wrap these around the dog’s body. This way you protect your dog from the cold wind and thus, prevent hypothermia. The RukkaPets Micro Light Bathrobe, on the other hand, can also help to cool down your dog in warm weather. Rinse it in cold water and then wring it out well. This will feel like a nice cool refreshment for your dog on a hot summer day.