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Cat Treats

Although cats are known to be fussy eaters, Vetsend offers plenty of cat treats that they will absolutely adore! On our website you will find cat biscuits and treats of different premium brands such as Dreamies. After all, the way to your pet’s heart is through its stomach. When it comes to rewarding your pet, cats are not as receptive as dogs. However, every cat loves being spoiled with a delicious treat now and then!

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Treats for cats

Anyone who tries to teach his cat or dog a new trick knows that this can be quite the challenge. A proper treat or biscuit can be a solution to this problem, particularly if your cat loves to eat. If your cat is a fussy eater, then perhaps a hug will do the trick. Fortunately, Vetsend offers a wide range in cat treats that will enable you to find something for every cat. If you are looking for specific cat treats to train your little house tiger then smaller treats are the best choice. Good cat training treats are: Yarrah Mini Snacks, Orijen Cat Treats Freeze Dried and Dreamies Cat Treats. Most of our cat treats are available in different flavours.

Fish treats for cats

Everyone knows that cats love the taste of fish. At Vetsend you can find several delicious natural fish treats which your little cheetah will love. For example, have a look at Applaws Mackerel Loin or Salmon Loin. These loins consist out of 100% mackerel or salmon, respectively. You will also be able to find dried fish treats from Beeztees and environmental responsible cat treats of Icelandic fish made by Iceland Pet.

Dietary cat treats

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a suitable in-between snack for your furry friend. This can be particularly difficult when your cat is on a special diet. For cats with kidney disease, TROVET Multi Purpose Treats MFT (Fish) is a good pick. These treats is a hypoallergenic reward for adult cats and kittens and only contains fish as a source of protein. Trovet MFT treats also have a reduced pH value and a low magnesium content. The trovet cat treats support the kidneys and promote the solution of struvite stones.

Healthy cat treats

Looking for treats that contribute to your cat’s health? Then try Bogadent Plaque-Stop Chips for cats. These chips help to prevent plaque and tartar and stops bacteria from getting to the teeth’s surface. Is your cat suffering from hairballs, then try out the Duo-Paste from GimCat. This tasty paste stimulates the excretion of hairballs and is available in two different flavours. Would you like to boost your cat’s immune system with additional vitamins? Then Gimcat Nutri Pockets is the perfect choice. These delicious cat biscuits are available in a combination of different flavours.

Cat gras

Make your cat happy with cat grass! Bring in a little bit of nature into your home with our large selection of cat grass. You can even grow your own cat grass with products such as Catit Senses Grass Garden. With cat grass, you stimulate your cat’s digestion and suppress the production of hairballs. This is because the grass provides a natural source of fibre and folic acid (B6 vitamin).

Please note: cat treats should be seen as supplements and are only a small part of your cat’s diet. This means that biscuits or treats are not suitable to replace your cat’s complete diet.