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Cat breeds

Are you looking for a new cat and wondering which cat breed suits your lifestyle? Good! Every breed has different characteristics. One cat breed will suit your life better than the other. We love to help you find the right cat, so have a look at this page to learn everything about the different cat breeds.

What cat breed should I pick?

There are more than 50 cat breeds and they are all different in size, looks and behaviour. Every cat is different, just like humans. As there are so many breeds to pick from, there is always one that suits your lifestyle. Unlike dogs, you don’t need to walk your cat. They are also more independent animals. Every dog has an owner, but every cat is its own owner. It’s nice to have something walk around in your house that comes say ‘hi’ when you come back from work, but many cats also love cuddling on the couch or playing with toys. It is important to know whether or not you can take care of a cat before getting one. You don’t just buy a cat, you buy one for 13-15 years. It’s important to ask yourself the necessary questions. How big is my living space? An active breed is not going to be happy with a small balcony. Do I have time to care for the cat? What are the vet bills going to be like? You should only start to think about buying a cat after you answered these questions.

If you decided that you want a very pretty cat (and you also have the time to take care of its coat), a Maine Coon or Ragdoll could be a good choice. These cats are a little bit bigger, so they need a bigger environment to live in. They are good with children and very social. Are you looking for an easy-going cat that quickly adjusts to changes and is good with people, children and other pets? The British shorthair might be the cat for you. These cats like company, but they don’t tend to sit and cuddle on your lap. Are you looking for a cat that loves being outside and loves to hunt? The Bengal cat would be a good choice! This cat loves to run around, so it needs a lot of space. This cat is quite extreme in everything it does. Think of playing, being angry but also being affectionate. The care of the coat is quite minimal.

You might not really know what you are looking for, that’s fine too! There are many fun easy-going cats, like the European Shorthair. You can find many of these cats in the shelter! They have a mixture of characteristics. There are many different places you can find a cat, but the most important thing is that it needs to be healthy and that it isn’t an impulsive purchase.