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Fish Food

What type of food fish need heavily depends on the type of fish that live within the same aquarium. Since there’s often a lot of different fish living together, most fish food has been composed to ensure it contains all essential nutrients for all type of fish.

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The biggest advantage of feeding flakes to aquarium fish is that they float on the surface of the water. Since the flakes sink slowly, fish can always get food regardless of whether they prefer to stay at the top or the bottom of the aquarium. Flakes usually contain natural ingredients and added minerals to keep your fish in tiptop shape. Various flakes also contain natural colour enhancers to intensify the colour of your fish.


Granulate diets are made of nutritional pellets (or granules) and can be used as a complete diet. Once they have been put in the water, the granules become soft and sink slowly – this way fish don’t have to swim to the surface to retrieve their food. This makes granules suitable for most types of aquarium fish. Like flakes, granules are usually made with natural ingredients and contain added minerals to keep your fish healthy.