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Tick Removal Tools for Dogs

The tick. You probably know them. Tiny spider-like parasites that feed on blood. They sort of burrow into the skin and suck themselves full of your dog’s blood. When they are full, they often let go on their own. Unfortunately, they can transmit various diseases. So always try to remove a tick from your dog as soon as possible.

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Removing a tick with a tick removal tool

Check your dog daily for ticks. Found one? Then remove it as soon as possible. The risk of transmitting diseases is lowest in the first 24 hours after biting your dog.

Removing them can be done with tick forceps (similar to tick tweezers), tick hooks, tick cards or tick grippers. Which one is best to use depends on the size of the tick and your own preference. Removing a tick without forceps (or other special tool) is not recommended. You want to remove the entire tick and without a tool you will often not succeed. The head, for example, will remain stuck and this can cause inflammation. Do not use tweezers for humans when removing ticks. These as it were squash the tick, causing it to empty its potentially infected salivary glands, thus increasing the risk of disease.