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Horse Feed

To maintain your horses’ health, they must be given healthy and appropriate feed. Different horses need different things. Some may need more energy as a result of high-intensity training, age or the amount and type of roughage they are given. The breed of horse can also influence the amount of energy they need; draught horses require a different energy supply to thoroughbred horses. Vetsend offers a catalogue of trusted brands, such as Pavo and Cavalor.

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Standard Horse Feed

Do you know which feed is best suitable for your horse? This depends on multiple different factors. Think of the horses’ age and how much work your horse does. The base of a horse feed is roughage, like grass and hay. More often than not, concentrate feed is added to a horses’ diet. At Vetsend, we offer different concentrates for different types of horses. For leisure and low activity-horses, we’d recommend a standard concentrate. If you use your horse for sports and competitions, it’s advisable to use sports concentrate, which provides more energy and supports your horses’ muscles. Special feed has also been developed for breeding mares and foals. The foal concentrate has a different structure to make eating easier.

Diet Feed

Does your horse need some extra support? It might be sensible to give him special diet feed. Here at Vetsend, the brand Bonpard has different diet feed in its assortment. For example, you’ll find feed for horses with chronic digestive disorders. Think of colic, laminitis, or badly digested manure. It’s Bopard’s goal to help horses with problems and support them by providing special dietary feed with a feed strategy. The feed strategy means how much feed you give your horse, when you feed your horse and which addition of feed you use.

Horse Treats

After a long training session or competition, you want to treat your horse with a nice snack. At Vetsend, we have a large assortment of different treats to keep your horse happy. Switch up your treats and keep surprising your horse!

Salt Licks

A salt lick provides many salts and minerals to your horse. Not only that, you can use horse licks as a treat or to combat boredom in the stable. We offer salt licks in many different flavours.