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Cooling Products for Horses

There are numerous situations during which it might be necessary to use a cooling gel or liquid on your horse. Examples of these situations include after exercise or training, in the case of injury or in hot climates. Vetsend have a range of cooling agents, in the form of gels, sprays, clays, blankets, rugs and bandages, by brands, such as Aqua Coolkeeper, Sectolin and Excellent.

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Cooling After Exercise

It is important to cool your horse’s legs after vigorous exercise to help prevent tendon injuries. This can be done using specific gels, sprays, clays or other cooling agents.

Cooling and Inflammation

It is possible for small tears to appear in the muscle or tendons to become damaged after (strenuous) exercise. In cases where the damage is limited, the injury will heal naturally. If the damage is more extensive, light swelling, pain and even stiffness could become noticeable. In these cases, cooling is important to prevent further damage, slow down infection and lessen pain. Cooling limits the inflammatory response, which speeds up recovery. The use of cooling agents should be combined with a period of rest.

Sunscreen and Sunblock

Horses without pigmentation, particularly the nose, are very likely to suffer a sun burn, which can even lead to peeling and crusts. Some horses, such as those with liver problems or that have eaten certain (poisonous) plants, are more sensitive to contracting sun burn.