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Leather Care

To keep your leather products like tack and boots in good shape, you need to clean and grease them regularly. Not only does this give your items a nice shine, but it also prevents damages in your leather and keeps the leather flexible. In our large assortment, you’ll find different products to keep your leather items in great condition.

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It is important to clean your leather first before you start greasing it. Your leather won’t be able to absorb the grease if it has dirt on the surface. There might be some sand residue on your tack/boots, which can damage the leather when you start greasing. For cleaning, you can use a saddle spray or soap like the Cavalor Leather SoapEffax Leather Combi + is a cleaning solution that removes dirt and prevents mould.


There are many different products and substances for greasing leather. We have balms, serums, grease and oils and these come in different variants, like coloured or uncoloured. Greasing your leather provides many benefits. It doesn’t just give it a beautiful shine, but it makes your leather water repellent as well, which improves the longevity of your items and prevents mould from forming.

Want to give your tack that extra bit of shine before a competition or photoshoot? Effax Speedy Leather Shine is a leather care sponge perfect for on the go due to its compact size.