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A well balanced diet is very important for your cat to be healthy and fit.

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The type of cat food you choose should be based on various factors such as age, breed, whether your cat is active or not, and a predisposition to complaints (such as joint problems, obesity, etc.). Vetsend has different type of diets which takes the above factors into consideration. High quality cat food brands are all available online, such as: Royal Canin, IAMS, Trovet, Eukanuba, Almo Nature, Specific, Hill’s, Purina, Applaws and more!

Maintenance cat food

If your cat does not have any medical condition, it is best to choose from a type of food from the category ‘maintenance food’. This will help to keep your cat in good health. Well-known brands in this segment are Purina cat food and IAMS. The IAMS Adult Multi-Cat is a good example. This is a tasty standard food that is specifically aimed at households with several cats. Multiple cats means different nutritional needs for all cats, because every cat’s nutritional need is different. This dry food combines the various nutritional needs in one complete, high quality diet. The cat kibble has been developed for all cats from 1 to 7 years old. In our maintenance cat food category you will find all kinds of diets to keep your cat healthy.

Wellness Food for your Cat

Besides standard cat food, Vetsend also offers a wide range in wellness cat food. This includes all the high quality food that you normally have to buy from your local vet. But this range also includes organic cat food. Hill’s is one of the more popular brands of wellness cat food. This product line consists of breed specific wellness food to help your pedigree cat grow up healthy.

Another well-known health food is the Royal Canin Cat Food. This dry food and wet food is tailored to the specific nutritional needs of adult cats of all breeds. This food provides extra support to your adult cat to stay healthy and enjoyable.

Diet Cat Food

Some cats experience problems such as joint discomfort, skin conditions, gastrointestinal problems, kidneys, bladder problems or obesity. In this case a dietary food for your cat is very important. A well-known diet cat food range is Royal Canin Veterinary diet. This food range from Royal Canin has the best quality ingredients, suitable for cats with urinary tract problems, kidney problems, digestive disorders, food hypersensitivity and obesity. The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet range includes both dry and wet food. Another well-known line from this category is the Specific cat food. This diet cat food is specially designed for cats who need extra support due to health problems or a health condition. This food is based on years of scientific nutritional research in order to give the best quality.

Natural Cat Food

Natural cat food only contains 100% organic ingredients for your cat. IAMS has a separate food line, called IAMS Naturally, which only contains 100% organic ingredients. IAMS Cat Food offers cats a 100% complete and balanced diet of carefully digestible natural ingredients, without any preservatives or colourings. Another well-known brand that also uses 100% organic ingredients is Yarrah. Since 1992, Yarrah has only worked with chickens, cattle and turkeys who have had a good life. This makes the food 100% organic and therefore tastier and healthier for your cat. Yarrah gets these ingredients from farmers who they personally visit. This way they know that the organic standards are guaranteed.

Treats and rewards

Vetsend also offers all kinds of treats for your sweet cat. These treats range from small pouches with treats to cat grass. Our cat treats are delicious as a in-between snack and will instantly make them happy.