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Cat Supplies

Owning a cat is great fun, but there are quite a lot of supplies you’ll need. From litter boxes to scratching posts.

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If it’s your first time owning a cat, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information and items you’ll need. But not to worry! Here, we’ll explain all the necessities and products you’ll need to give your cat the best life ever.

What cat supplies do you need?

Around the house

Scratching posts

The purpose of a scratching post for cats is to keep their nails sharp and mark their territory. It also removes the outer layer of a cat’s nails. If you don’t invest in a scratching post, it’s very likely your furniture will fall victim. We surely don’t want that, so that’s why we have a large assortment of different scratching posts. We offer ones with simple minimalistic design and ones with different levels for relaxing and playing. Get one now and see how much your cat will love his new scratching castle.

Cat Bowls and Water Fountains

Of course, your cat needs to drink and eat so having a good bowl for your cat is essential. You might want a standard bowl, but we also provide automatic feeders, bowl covers, anti-slip mats and drinking fountains. Drinking fountains provide your cat with filtered and running water which stimulates them to drink more.

Beds and pillows

A comfortable cat is a happy cat. That’s why you’ll find many different cat beds and pillows in our assortment. From big fluffy pillows to little houses your cat can retreat in, there’s something for every cat’s comfort and every owner’s taste. Want something a little different? Have a look at our cat hammocks. Want to give your cat a little extra warmth? You can hang the Beeztees Sheepskin Radiator Hammack on your radiator to create a heated cat bed.

Litter boxes and cat litter

A litter box and cat litter are essential for cat owners. Teaching your cat how to use a litter box isn’t that difficult. For more information about which box to get, go to our litter box page. On our cat litter page, you’ll find everything you need to know about our cat litter.


To keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated, it’s important to have some cat toys in your house. We have balls, feathered toys, lasers for cats, fillable toys (treat toys), interactive toys, you name it! Have a look at our products and find the perfect toy for your cat.

Cooling mat

We all love summer, but there’s a few things you need to know if you want to keep your pets as comfortable as possible! Cats have almost no sweat glands, making it difficult to regulate their own body temperature. With a cat cooling mat, you can help your cat stay cool in a safe and responsible way during hot days. These cooling mats provide relief from heat stress, overheating and increased body temperature.

Safety – On the road and at home

Cat Carriers, collars, tags and safety nets

Cats are very different from dogs, and while there might be some exceptions, carrying your cat or putting it on a leash could be a bit complicated when you want to transport your cat. That is why it’s wise to get a cat carrier or transport box to get your cat safely and stress-free to another destination. Cats do tend to go on their little adventures, so if you allow your cat to go outside, make sure your cat wears a collar with a contact info tag in case you lose him. This way, people can contact you when they find your cat. Do you live in a flat and want to give your cat some fresh air while keeping him safe? Have a look at our safety nets. This ensures you don’t have to worry when your cat is hanging around on your balcony.