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Medicines & Supplements for Puppies

Vetsend offers an extensive range of medicines and supplements for puppies. Puppies that are given special diet food do not necessarily need any additional nutritional supplements as the high-quality food offers all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, there are times at which it might be advisable to add some nutritional supplements to your puppy’s diet, for example, when they are recovering from an injury, illness or after surgery.

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Spaying and Castration

Subsequently, you are going to have to choose whether you want your dog to be castrated (removal of testicles), or spayed (removal of ovaries). This procedure ensures that there will no longer be any secretion of sex hormones or possibility for reproduction. Castrating males has both behavioural advantages, as dogs may run away less, become more affectionate and easier around other dogs and people; and medical advantages, as they are less likely to develop prostate problems and anal tumours and unable to get testicular tumours. Spaying females is highly advisable as it significantly reduces the risk of an infection of the uterus, mammary gland tumours and diabetes at a later stage in life.