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Horse Toys

Horses naturally spend a lot of their time grazing and looking for food. Nowadays, many horses spend a considerable part of their day in a stable, and are offered food at set times. This may lead to boredom and subsequent stress-related problems!

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To allow your horse to have some fun, you can give him horse toys. offers toys by Jolly and other brands in its range of toys. This manufacturer develops various products that enrich the horse’s environment, with an emphases on sustainability and quality. These toys may have a nice scent or an appealing flavour for your horses, such as apple or banana.

Toys can also be used as a distraction and can contribute to the reduction of bad behaviour. For example, the Jolly Pas-a-Fier Bite Roll offers your horse an alternative to chewing on wood. There are also feeding toys for horses, such as the Pipolino or the Decahedron. These toys make your horse “work” for its food or treats and as a result it will take the horse longer to finish his meal.