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Meat Treats for Dogs

Meat treats have the advantage of having little or no additives, so you can rest assured that your dog is enjoying the pure meat treat when you offer him a meat treat.

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This way, you also know what your dog eats and can add variety to its menu.

Different types of meat snacks

There are many different types of meat snacks. The most common are dried snacks for your dog. Your dog can chew on this and will be happy with it for some time. By chewing, the meat snacks will contribute to clean and healthy teeth for your dog.

Dried snacks puppy

Dried meat snacks are also suitable for your puppy. Make sure that no more than 10% of the daily recommended amount of food for your dog consists of snacks.

Assortment of dried snacks

We have a wide range of meat snacks. There are sticks with dried meat around them, such as the Beeztees Culinary Chewing Sticks with Duck or Beef. There are also meat snacks for cats, such as these Dried Fish with Chicken from Beeztees.