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Dog recovery suit

Protective shirts for dogs can be used for a number of reasons, for example after surgery, for skin conditions, to protect wounds, when they are in heat or suffer from incontinence. Some protective shirts can also be used for their calming effect.

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dog with protective shirt

Protective shirt for the whole chest/belly area

At Vetsend, we have several protective shirts on offer. Although protective shirts each have their own design or colour, they all have the same purpose: helping to heal a wound without any problems. Examples of shirts are the Medical Pet Shirt Dog and the Suitical Recovery Suit. These protective shirts are comfortable and allow your dog a full range of motion. When your dog is in heat or suffers from incontinence, you can insert a panty liner or sanitary towel. These shirts are machine washable at 30 degrees.

Leg protection

There are also protective shirts that protect specific body parts, such as the special front leg sleeves and hind leg sleeves from Medical Pet Shirt. The hind leg sleeves can only be used in combination with the MPS-TOP Shirt that keep the sleeves in place.

Top shirt for protection of the chest

As mentioned above, some protective shirts can be used for their calming effect. The MPS Top Shirt is the only protective shirt that can be used for both its calming effect as well as wound protection. Other top shirts, like the Thundershirt, can only be used for their calming effect.

Protective dog coat

There are also dog coats that function as protective shirts. Such as the Kruuse Rehab Dog Coat, which is a water-repellent, breathable coat that covers the majority of the legs, back, hips and shoulders of the dog. A protective coat keeps the body dry and warm, which is beneficial for muscles and joints.

Head protection

Medical Pet Shirt is the only brand that also has the unique MPS Head Cover, which has been developed specifically for protecting the head or ears of your dog. It can be used as an alternative to head bandages or, alternately, to make sure head bandages stay put.

Wound protection

Protective shirts can also be used for the protection of wounds. A dog that licks or scratches at a wound prevents the wound from healing. Your dog may get a wound after a tick bite or a surgery wound after sterilisation. A protective shirt or leg sleeves allow you to cover the wound, which prevents your dog from touching the wound or dirt from getting into the wound. A protective shirt is a smart addition to any first aid kit.

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