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Veterinary Advice

Why do we at Vetsend work with a veterinary team?

Our veterinary team consists of one veterinarian and three veterinary assistants. They provide good advice on how to use our products on the website. In addition, they provide advice on the use of our products in specific situations. Sometimes, our vets will recommend that you visit the vet instead of choosing to self-medicate with one of our products.

Contact vet

You can contact us by phone: 033 0818 0862 or by mail at You can contact us with any questions you might have. And remember, there are no stupid questions. Our veterinary team consists of veterinarian Mara van Brussel-Broere and veterinary assistants Sandra, Barbera and Anja. They would like to introduce themselves to you!

Who are we?


Mara: “I am Mara van Brussel-Broere and I am veterinarian and your contact person working at Vetsend since 2018. I graduated as a companion-animal veterinarian (for dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and birds etc) at the University of Utrecht in 2008. Dutch vererinarian register: 160191. After this, I worked in a companion animal clinic for almost 7 years. Within the practice, I was mainly found in the consulting room. Outside of the practice, I have been involved in conveying specific product information for veterinary medicines to veterinarians and online training for veterinarians.
At Vetsend, I enjoy advising and helping people with their pets, but also transferring knowledge. For example, by optimizing the information related to our products, so that a pet owner is well informed about the product he or she wants to purchase. But also by writing articles that can be found in our ‘Veterinary Tips and Advice’ section.

Sandra: “I’m Sandra and I’ve been working at Vetsend since 2017 as a veterinary assistant and content manager. I completed the Animal Husbandry training in 2011 and I graduated as a veterinary assistant in 2013. I worked in a veterinary practice in Breda and Bavel until 2017. I was involved in counterwork, stock management and assisted in the consulting room or the operating room.
Working at Vetsend is an ideal combination for me. I can help people with questions about their pet and I also like to place product information on the website. This allows me to expand our range of medicines and supplements so that we can find a suitable product for your pet.”

Barbera: “My name is Barbera and I have been working as a veterinary assistant and content manager at Vetsend since 2019. I passed the veterinary assistant training in 2014. Then I worked in a practice for 2 years where I helped with operations and aftercare. I also performed laboratory work and I could be found behind the counter.
At Vetsend, I keep my knowledge of new foods and supplements up to date by creating products. In addition, I can still advise people who have a question about their animal. It is therefore really nice to be aware of new developments so that the advice I give you has the newest insights in mind.

Anja: “My name is Anja and I’ve been working at Vetsend as a veterinary Content Manager veterinary assistant since 2021. I graduated as a veterinary assistant in 2018 and after that, I worked in a large animal hospital for 3 years. Here I was mainly responsible for the stock of the three locations but also provided assistance with operations, in the doctor’s office or at the counter.
Working at Vetsend is actually the best of both worlds. You can easily help people and their animals through the large assortment that Vetsend has. We are always open to give our customers professional advice, meaning people can ask their questions without shame. In addition, your knowledge about products remains up to date and very broad.”

Free Advice

You will regularly find Mara on our website. She contributes to informative videos and plays a major role in this with her advice. You can also contact our veterinary team by phone: 033 0818 0862 or by mail at Here you can ask all kinds of product questions, such as:

  • – The use of the product is unclear
  • – The choice of which product is most suitable
  • – The choice of food
  • – The use of anti-parasitic products for your pet, such as worming, flea and tick products
  • – Giving your pet supportive supplements

Fortunately, we can help and advise in many cases, but it can happen that we cannot assess the situation by e-mail or telephone. It is important that your animal is seen by a veterinarian at the clinic in those cases. We will always be honest about this.

Tips from our veterinarian

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