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Catnip Toys for Cats

Many cats absolutely adore playing around – as long as the toy is interesting enough, of course. By getting your buddy a toy with catnip, every toy will be interesting! Catnip will change the behaviour of your cat for a little while. For instance, your cat might get more excited, start sniffing or licking the toy or even rub his body over the floor. Because catnip is a perennial herb with nepetalcataria, it’s not poisonous to your cat.

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Adding catnip to toys

If you don’t have a toy that contains catnip, you can get some catnip yourself. It’s available as a dried variant, but you can also get a catnip spray. Different brands like Francodex, Versele-Laga, Beeztees and KONG sell a spray that you can use to make a bed or napping space more attractive. The spray can also have a positive effect on toys, as they might seem more appealing with a little bit of catnip on them. Try out a spray on a scratching post or toy during your next playtime!

We also sell separate catnip like the KONG Cat – Naturals Premium Catnip. This dried variant can be useful to refill toys or to throw on a cardboard cat scratcher.

Toys with catnip

Hunting toys is already fun, but it gets even better with some catnip! Catnip can help activate your cat’s hunting instincts, making playtime even more fun. Take a look at the Play N Squeak – Cat Toy or any of the fun toys we sell down below and let the fun begin!