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MSM for Horses

MSM is a supplement commonly used for horses. MSM stands for MethylSulfonylMethane, and it serves various important functions in the horse’s body.

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What is MSM?

MSM contains sulfur, as the name MethylSulfonylMethane suggests. Sulfur is a mineral that the body needs daily. In its natural form, it is often insufficient in the diet that horses consume. Therefore, a deficiency in MSM is commonly observed in horses.

How does MSM work in horses?

MSM is a substance crucial for healthy connective tissue, muscles, tendons, and a robust immune system. It contributes to the production of new cells and proper tissue circulation in the body. A deficiency can lead to symptoms such as a dull coat, poor hooves, and joint and ligament issues.

To support your horse, providing a high-quality MSM supplement can be beneficial. This ensures that your horse is not deficient.

What supplements with MSM for horses are available?

There are many different MSM supplements for horses. Some supplements consist entirely of MSM, such as Puur MSM.

As it is often used for horses with multiple issues, there are also many combination supplements containing MSM. Examples include:

  • A combination with biotin, methionine, and calcium to support the skin and hooves, such as in NAF Biotin Plus.
  • A combination with Vitamin E and Selenium to support overall immunity.
  • A combination with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to provide extra support to the joints, such as in HorseFlex JointPower or Puur Glucosamine Extra. We explain the latter combination a little further.

Glucosamine and MSM for horses

So for horses, there are combination products combining glucosamine with MSM. This particular combination gives a stronger effect than these substances individually. Especially in the case of osteoarthritis complaints, it has been studied that the combination of glucosamine with MSM provides a stronger reduction of pain and swelling in the joints and better functionality in a joint. In doing so, it has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Different forms of MSM for horses

MSM can be offered in different forms. The most commonly used form is MSM powder. This is the variant offered as a dietary supplement. But MSM can therefore also be applied externally. Then it comes, for example, as a gel, as in the Synovium Ginger MSM Liniment, with which you can care for tired and stiff muscles. Another form is ointment, as in the NAF NaturalintX MSM Ointment, which can be used to care for irritated skin. A spray can also be used for this, such as the NAF Love The Skin Spray, with MSM and herbal extracts to care for and soothe sensitive skin.

You can find our complete overview of MSM supplements for your horse here.