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Cat Bowls and Feeders

What do you give your cat his or her meal in? Vetsend offers a wide variety of food and water bowls for cats, in many different shapes and sizes. Take a look at our entire range!

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Slow feeders

Dinner time! You pour some kibble in your cat’s bowl and (s)he comes running or perhaps is already waiting impatiently. As soon as you put the bowl in front of your cat, (s)he starts eating with fervour. And before you’re done putting the bag of food away, your cat has already finished eating. Sound familiar? A slow feeder may be the answer. Slow feeders, like the District 70 Bamboo Cat Slow Feeder, are designed to slow down your cat’s eating. These food bowls are shaped like a ‘maze’ or puzzle, making it harder for your cat to get to the food and impossible to ingest too much food at once.

Automatic feeders

Automatic feeders are convenient for when you want to feed your cat at specific times, even when you’re not home. These smart feeders give your cat food at pre-set times. When you have multiple pets at home and want to feed one of them specifically, the Surefeed Microchip Food Bowl is the perfect solution! This feeder only grants access to the cat wearing a recognised microchip.

Drinking fountain

Does your cat always have access to fresh and clean water? A drinking fountain ensures that your cat always has access to fresh, filtered water. The flowing water stimulates your furry friend to drink more, and it’s also rich in oxygen. Vetsend offers drinking fountains in various shapes and sizes, including the PetSafe Drinkwell 360.

On the road

It’s not always convenient to bring your cat’s food bowl when you’re on the road. Maybe you can take the Woolly Wolf Sea to Summit – Duo Bowl with you instead. These portable and foldable bowls are super convenient for taking with you on the road.

Storage containers

If you want to keep your dog’s food fresh and dry, it’s a good idea to purchase a storage container specifically designed for this purpose. It also keeps you from having to lug around heavy bags of food whenever you want to feed your cat. The Curver Petlife Food Container for Cats is the perfect example of a good storage container. This container has both a small and large opening, with the large one for refilling the container and the small one for filling your cat’s bowl. It’s also equipped with convenient wheels and an airtight seal.