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Flea Shampoo for Dogs

If your dog has a lot of fleas, washing them with a flea shampoo can help. This will kill the fleas on your dog immediately and after washing, there is often what is known as residue.

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How does a flea shampoo for dogs work?

A flea shampoo can help solve a flea infestation in your dog. A shampoo often works in 2 ways:

  • It kills the fleas present on your dog due to the ingredients in the shampoo
  • You rinse any surviving fleas off your dog

Besides a direct effect, a shampoo also has a so-called residue effect. This means that it often protects against new fleas for some time.

How do you use a flea shampoo on your dog?

You basically always use a shampoo in the same way:

  • First wet your dog’s coat properly
  • Massage the shampoo well
  • Let the shampoo soak in for 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse the shampoo well
  • Dry your dog well and let it air dry further
  • Comb the coat to remove any dead fleas from the coat

Combining flea shampoo with other products

A flea shampoo can be very effective to get rid of fleas quickly. However, it is also important to treat the environment and all other animals in your house at the same time. You can treat the environment with an environmental spray, such as Virbac Indorex Defence Spray.

To better protect your dog against new fleas, it may be wise to treat your dog in another way, such as with a spot on flea treatment or FRONTPRO Chewable Tablets.