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Tick Collar for Dogs

With ticks, prevention is better than cure. A tick collar is one of many different options to protect your dog or cat from ticks. There are also bands that work against both fleas and ticks.

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How do you use a tick collar for your dog?

The rule of thumb is that you should be able to put 2 fingers flat between the collar and the skin. If the tick collar does not touch the skin, it will not release the active ingredients. This happens partly by rubbing the collar against the skin. So even with long-haired animals, you need to get the hair between the collar and the skin as much as possible. The band is generally effective against ticks for 6 months. However, there are also bands that are effective for longer or shorter periods.

How quickly does a tick collar work on your dog?

Because the active substances have to spread over the body, it is often said that the band reaches its optimal effect after about 1 week.

Tick collars also work against fleas

There are also tick collars that protect against fleas and lice in addition to ticks. A product like Knock Off Flea and Tick Collar Dog, is a flea and tick collar for dogs that also protects against sand flies and mosquitoes. Then there are also bands with plant extracts that have a repellent effect and also the so-called ceramic tick bands with EM-XTM beads. Since most natural products are mainly repellent, it is difficult to predict the effect for your pet in advance.