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Hoof Care

Taking care of your horses’ hooves is very important and that is why we offer a broad range of high-quality hoof care products.

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Hoof Brushes

Before applying hoof care products like protection oils or grease, you need to get rid of dirt on your horses’ hooves. The hooves won’t be able to absorb the grease if there’s still dirt and sand on the surface. You could use a brush or a hoof pick that comes with a brush like the Sectolin Softgrip Hoof Pick . The nylon bristles make it easy to clean the area around the frog. Whether you use hoof care products or not, it’s always recommended to pick and brush your horses’ hooves before and after riding.

Hoof Care

After brushing, it’s advisable to apply hoof care product. These products protect the hooves and can help you to keep your horse or pony’s hooves in a good condition. At Vetsend, we have many different products to help you take care of your horses’ hooves. We have oils, sprays, grease, gels, and creams. Raptide Stockholmer Tar and Effol Hoof Tar Spray are great products to prevent thrush. Grand National Bay Leaf Ointment promotes better circulation which can be used on horses and ponies suffering from hoof problems.

Some of our products come with a brush to apply the product. In case it doesn’t, you’ll find separate brushes on this page like the Sectolin Hoof Brush in Holder.

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