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Horse Treats

Every horse or pony deserves a nice treat after a long training session or competition. Whether you want to teach your horse a new trick, reward good behaviour or spoil him a bit, having some treats with you will surely make your horse happy. As we all know, love goes through the stomach! Just make sure a treat stays a treat, it shouldn’t replace your horses’ diet as that could cause health issues.

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Horse Treats

Looking for the next treat for your horse or pony? You came to the right place. We offer many different treats which allows you to switch it up from time to time. Looking for something sweet? Rapide Rappi’s allows you to pick from 4 different flavours: Vanilla, Apple, Banana or Herbs. Do you prefer something without grain? Have a look at Effol Friend Snacks Well or Metazoa Snaxxx . Both these treats are packed with fibres, minerals and vitamins.