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Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Prescription Diet has developed a special range of wet and dry food for dogs and cats with health conditions. This range is designed to support your pet when they are experiencing health issues. Through scientific nutritional research, Hill’s aims to create high-quality pet food that meets the needs of your dog or cat. The food contains the right nutrients in the correct quantities, ensuring that there is neither an excess nor a deficiency of any particular nutrient.

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Hill’s Prescription Diet

One step ahead with diet food from Hill's

Hill’s Prescription Diet has developed a wide range of wet and dry food specifically for dogs and cats with health conditions. This food supports your dog or cat when they have health problems.


Hill’s Science Plan

One step ahead, for a happy life

With Hill’s Science Plan, your dog or cat receives a perfectly balanced diet that contributes to optimal health. Thanks to the right combination and proportions, the food is perfect for your dog or cat.


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Nutrition tailored to your pet's needs

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Hill's always thinks one step ahead, so that you and your pet can enjoy today. With their recipes, they help dogs and cats achieve a healthy weight and also make the eyes of older animals sparkle - a difference you can see, feel, and trust.
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Hill's Taste Guarantee

Hill’s stands behind their pet food with a satisfaction guarantee*. This means that customers can receive a full refund or replacement if they are not satisfied with the product. It demonstrates Hill’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making them a trusted brand in pet welfare.

*Not applicable if more than 25% of the contents have been consumed, the animal has passed away, or the expiration date has passed.


More about Hill’s

Balanced and healthy nutrition is the cornerstone of the company, making Hill’s a specialist in the field of pet nutrition. The right diet represents a significant part of your pet’s needs and has a huge impact on their well-being.

Balanced and nutritious

Hill’s is dedicated to providing your pet with a particularly balanced diet and uses only high-quality ingredients. The nutrient ratios are individually adjusted for each age group to ensure species-specific provision. The manufacturer offers foods tailored to various clinical conditions. Even if your pet has food sensitivities or allergies, you can find the right food at Hill’s. Hill’s even offers special diet food in its range. Explore the extensive range and see for yourself the versatile selection of feeds. From obesity to gastrointestinal diseases to joint disorders, the special food series can help your beloved pet and provide the ideal nutrition. It goes without saying that the company consciously avoids all colourings, preservatives, and flavour enhancers. The goal is to provide a natural and tasty diet for your pet.

Trust is good, control is better

To more than meet quality standards, Hill’s undergoes regular safety and quality controls. From the arrival of ingredients through production to the final product, all processes are rigorously monitored and tested. This is the only way Hill’s can ensure that your pet receives only the best. In addition to food, the manufacturer also offers numerous care products.

The right food for everyone

We offer three different lines of food, namely: Prescription Diet, Science Plan, and Treats.

Hill’s Prescription Diet

Specially developed for dogs and cats with conditions, Hill’s has created Prescription Diet. This is a wide range of wet and dry food that supports your dog or cat when they suffer from urinary tract, skin, fur, liver, gastrointestinal tract, joint, overweight, or a food allergy issues. This feed line essentially consists of different feeds that have a supportive effect on specific health problems. A popular feed from the Prescription Diet line is Hill’s z/d Food Sensitivities – Prescription Diet – Canine. This delicious food is suitable for dogs with food allergies or intolerances.

Hill’s Science Plan

With Hill’s Science Plan, your dog or cat receives a perfectly balanced diet that contributes to optimal health, regardless of the life stage in which the dog finds itself. When developing the Science Plan line, factors such as age, size, allergies, ideal weight, sterilised cats, indoor cats, or dogs with special needs are taken into account. Hill’s Science Plan also offers a grain-free range: Science Plan No Grain, without grains and gluten. The foods from Hill’s Science Plan contain antioxidants that support your dog’s immune system. This feed line is the result of years of research. Your pet will get the right ingredients to stay healthy. No artificial preservatives or colourings and flavourings are used in this feed.

Hill’s Treats

Hill’s also offers tasty dog snacks in its range that are scientifically developed, with specific health benefits to keep your dog as happy as possible. They are available in different variants, for example, Healthy Weight snacks that support weight loss and weight maintenance or Hypoallergenic snacks with a special composition for dogs with food allergies.