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Dog Supplies

Having a dog is great, but there are quite a few supplies you’ll need when you welcome your new furry friend. The supplies and accessories category contains all of the supplies and accessories that your dog may need on daily basis, ranging from leads and collars to bedding, crates and bowls. Have a look down below and find the perfect item for your lovely pet.

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What dog supplies do I need?

Dog Toys

You can’t have a dog without some toys. Dogs are active animals that like to play. Having some toys around will stimulate your dog mentally and physically and playing together will create a stronger bond between dog and owner. We have loads of different toys in our assortment, from fetch toys and balls to fillable toys that prevent gulping behaviour. Want to put your dog’s brain to work? Have a look at our interactive toys. These toys are puzzles in which your dog really has to work to receive a treat.

Beds and bedding

Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than being comfortable in bed and napping away. Dogs love it too! That’s why every dog owner should have a nice pillow or bed for their dog so he can get all the rest he wants. Having his own soft little space can also prevent your dog from climbing on the couch or bed. Have a look at our beds and bedding and find the perfect bed for your four-legged friend.

Dog crates

There are many benefits of having a crate around. A crate provides a safe space for a dog or pup, especially ones with separation anxiety or ones that have to get used to their new surroundings. It’s like having their own little room they can retreat in when they feel stressed or tired. Some people might think having a dog cage is cruel, but it can offer much support to your dog as long as it’s not used as punishment for bad behaviour. It’s also a great spot for your dog to sleep in at night, and crates can be very convenient for transporting your dog in a car. Have a look at our large assortment of dog cages here.

Travel and safety

When you own a dog, there will be times when you have to transport him. That is why we have a category of travel and safety products. These vary from dog crates and carriers to bicycle baskets and trailers. With these products, you’ll be able to travel safely and comfortably with your pet. Does your pet struggle to get on the couch or out of the car? We also have dog ramps to help him out.

Collars and leashes

Of course, as a dog owner, you need to walk your dog a couple of times a day, and this isn’t possible without a collar and a leash. Here, we have many different options when it comes to picking out a dog leash. You’ll find collars in different designs, and we offer harnesses for that extra bit of comfort for you and your dog. There is something for everyone.

Bowls and feeders

Did you know there are actually different ways to feed your dog? You can use a standard bowl, but we also have automatic pet feeders and slow feeders. We also provide foldable dog bowls, which are very practical for travelling. Does your dog have very long floppy ears that tend to get wet when drinking? We even got bowls for that! A well-fed dog is a happy dog, so make sure to get the perfect food and water bowl for your pet.


Even though this is not a necessity for every dog, you might find yourself in a situation where it’s better that you muzzle your dog. Maybe your dog gets aggressive towards other dogs or tends to bite when he scared of something. Whatever the reason, we have different comfortable dog muzzles in our assortment. From ones with adjustable straps to ones that still allow your pet to drink and pant.

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