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Dog Supplies

Under the category of daily necessities for dogs, you can find products that you and your dog need on a daily basis, such as leads, collars, dog beds, dog cushions, and food and water bowls.

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There are various brands available in the extensive range, including dog toys, cooling products, crates or slow feeders. Some of the brands include KONG, Trixie, lief!, Julius k9, Ruffwear, Flexi, Hurtta, Beeztees or Chuckit!.

Dog Toys

Dog toys are also an essential part of daily necessities. There is nothing better than playing with your dog in the living room, outside in the garden, or in the woods. Playing together is essential for the bond you build with your dog. Choose from chew toys, squeaky toys, toys that can be filled with treats, or toys that are good for the dog’s teeth.

Beds – Baskets

Every dog deserves a warm and cosy sleeping place. There are dog beds that fit every interior, as there are different sizes, colours, and prints available. There are also differences in materials. There are soft fluffy dog beds, as well as wicker or plastic ones. For dogs that suffer from arthritis or other joint problems, an orthopaedic dog bed is the suitable option. These have a special filling that adapts to the shape and body temperature of the dog when lying down.

Leads – Collars – Harnesses

To be safe and practical when walking, there are different types of leads, collars, and harnesses available. There are normal leads and leads with a retractable line, allowing your dog to explore further. There is also a choice between collars or harnesses. A collar only needs to be around the dog’s neck, giving the dog more freedom of movement. Harnesses fit around the dog’s chest, distributing the pressure more evenly for the dog. The leads, collars, and harnesses are available in all sorts of different sizes, colours, and prints!

Food and Water Bowls

There are different options for your dog’s food and water. There are automatic feeders for when you’re not home at the time your dog normally eats. But there are also special food and water bowls for traveling that you can fold, making them easy to transport. There are also different drinking fountains, where the water can be filtered and flowing. In addition, there are also different types of normal food and water bowls.


You can train your dog for various things. There are several products to train obedience or agility, for example. There are also dog clickers that you can use for many different activities.

Travel and safety

When you are often on the go with your dog, the products in the Travel and Safety category come in handy. The assortment includes protective covers for the car, seat belts for dogs, water and food bowls for on the go, safety lights, and more. Vetsend also has a wide selection of dog strollers and dog carry bags.

Other daily necessities

All other daily necessities can be found below by category. Think of bike dog trailers and baskets, muzzles, dog crates, dog coats, and dog bathrobes.