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Dog Wound Care

At some point or another all dogs will suffer from an injury, whether it be due to an accident whilst playing, a fight or some other type of trauma.

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It is important to treat an injury as quickly as possible to make sure the wound heals properly. It is also very important your dog abstains from licking, scratching or biting the affected area as this delays the healing process and can even cause infection.

Cleaning and Caring for Injuries

Vetsend offers an extensive range of products that you can use to clean, disinfect and care for your dog’s injuries. In other words, all of the products within this category help speed up the recovery process. Examples of these types of products include wound sprays and ointments such as Vetramil honey ointment. Recovery food and products to help treat skin conditions can also be found within this category.


As mentioned, dogs tend to lick, scratch or bite their wounds or otherwise injured areas. Vetsend offer a wide range of products to protect these areas as, no matter how big or small they might be, it will take time for them to heal.

Protective Cones and Collars

A protective cone or collar is an effect means of keeping your dog from licking or biting their wound or bandaged area. Vetsend offers a wide range of protective collars, each of which have different qualities to suit every dog!

Protective Shirts

The Medical Pet Shirt protects the wound or the bandaged area from getting dirty or other outside influences. However, it does not provide good protection from your dog scratching, licking or biting the area as they can still move around freely.


Applying a bandage or dressing to the affected area will give it more time to heal as it becomes harder for your dog to bite, scratch or lick the affected area. Try using Gamgee Dressing to protect your dog’s wounds. To apply the bandage or dressing properly, some know-how is required.