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Cat Safety Netting

Cats are true adventurers and like to explore any and all surfaces. This can be dangerous when it comes to balconies and windows, though. Fortunately there are special cat safety nets that allow your cat to safely explore the outdoors.

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A cat net shields a balcony or window and ensures that your cat can safely sit on the balcony or window frame. This provides extra safety, especially in high apartments. An additional advantage is that your sweet house tiger cannot jump to the balcony of your neighbours. A popular safety net is the Nobby Catnet for Balcony. This net comes with fixing materials and instructions. Besides cat nets, there are also cat grilles or racks. These cat grilles actually have the same objective, but have different designs. A rack is made of plastic and is often used for tilting windows. When a window is tilted, there is space between the window and the window. To fill this void, a protective grille can be placed between the gaps.

Fixing materials

In addition to various cat nets, Vetsend also has two separate fasteners in its range to make it easy to mount cat nets. Another way to achieve this is with a telescopic rod. Trixie’s telescopic rod is an adjustable fixing rod that can be easily fixed between two walls, without the use of screws. This makes hanging up cat safety nets even easier!

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