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Puppy food and treats

Finally! The big day has arrived, a puppy is moving into your home! Choosing the right food for your puppy is the next challenge. Here you will find all foods suitable for puppies and junior dogs up to 1 year.

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Do you want to give your puppy everything it needs to grow into a healthy, happy dog? A healthy diet with essential nutrients is very important to your growing pup. If you’re not sure where to start, you can take a look at our large selection of puppy food! Vetsend provides several maintenance and wellness foods, as well as organic food and various types of treats. There is also Puppy milk that contains all the essential nutrients.

Puppies grow at a rapid pace, sometimes gaining up to several pounds a week in the first months of their lives. The extent of the growth depends on the type of breed. That’s why you should always feed a balanced diet that matches your pups needs.

Maintenance Diet

A maintenance diet can offer extra support to young pups with a health condition or health problem. After consulting your veterinarian, you can decide what food your puppy needs. If your dog has gastrointestinal issues, you can try the diets from Eukanuba and Royal Canin. As the digestive tract of puppies hasn’t developed properly yet, the wrong food can be damaging to pups with sensitive digestion. In the long run, this can also adversely affect your puppy’s growth and development.

Wellness Food

If your puppy is healthy, you want to keep it that way. High-quality, balanced wellness food contains all the nutrients your buddy needs. To choose the right food for your dog, you need to keep in mind what kind of breed he is, how active he is, whether he is predisposed to certain health problems and if the type of breed has a tendency to be overweight. Take a look at our wellness food by popular brands like Royal CaninHappy Dog and Hill’s.

Regular Food

If your puppy is healthy and fit, you can also decide to change to regular puppy food. Regular food is available in various flavours, types and brands, so you will definitely find a delicious meal for your pup! Just because the food is regular, it doesn’t mean that it’s missing something: all ingredients are carefully selected and the food will contain all essential ingredients. Check out the food by brands like Acana or Purina Pro Plan and start planning delicious meals for your puppy!

Natural & Organic Food

If you try to be mindful when buying your own food, you might want to do the same for your dog. That’s why you can find organic puppy food from SchesirYarrah and Almo Nature at! These brands make sure their food is good for our planet and that it is prepared with high-quality, nutritious ingredients.


It’s perfectly fine to treat your puppy every once in a while! To make sure your puppy can safely eat the treats, it’s important to buy special puppy treats. At Vetsend you can find various meat and fish treats, special treats for training and even treats that take care of dental health.

Puppy dry food

There are several kinds of puppy dry food available. The most important thing is that you feed your puppy a food that is adapted to its needs. Is your puppy a miniature breed? Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dog Food could be the one for your puppy! Is your puppy a medium-sized breed? In that case Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Medium with chicken could be a good choice.

Puppy wet food

When feeding wet food it’s also important to adapt the food to your puppy’s needs. Royal Canin Maxi Puppy Wet Dog Food is a good option for large-breed puppies. There are also wet foods available that are suitable for all dog breeds, such as Renske Fresh Meat Puppy.

Breed-specific puppy food

You could also choose to feed a breed-specific food. Examples are Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy Food or Royal Canin Jack Russel Terrier Dog Food.