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Horse Vitamins and Minerals

Although horses naturally produce vitamins, the quantity produced is not always sufficient. This is particularly the case for horses who need supplementary vitamins, minerals and trace elements from their food such as foals, yearlings, a mare in foal or who is nursing, a stud horse and sport horses. Supplements are also useful if your horse is feeling a little under the weather, recovering from an illness or suffering from stress. Overall poor health and a dull coat might be another reason to give your horse supplements.

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Concentrated Feeds

A suitably balanced concentrate feed provides many of the necessary nutrients for your horse or pony. However, horses that require additional vitamins and minerals should not receive a higher amount of the concentrate feed, instead a high quality supplement should be given.

Roughage Feeds

A substantial number of horses and ponies are not given concentrate feeds as they simply do not need the extra energy. It is very important that these horses/ponies are given high quality roughage feeds as this is their only source of nutrients. The quality of roughage depends on the pasture, season, time of harvest, storage time, etc. It is possible to test the roughage feeds if you want to be sure which type of nutrients, and how much of it, your horse receives. However, this is usually quite expensive and each type and batch of roughage is of a different quality as this depends on so many factors. This would require each new batch to be tested. For this reason, it is easier to provide them with supplements and ensure that your horse is receiving the right amount of nutrients.

Nutritional Supplements

Vetsend offer a wide range of nutritional supplements for horses with a vitamin or mineral deficiency. This category includes brands such as Equitop, Sectolin, Excellent, Primeval, Groene Os, Horse Care, Pavo, Phytonics and Vertargil.