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Dog Crates and Cages

A kennel or crate can be especially useful for puppies. Especially in the first few weeks, when he still has to get used to his new enviroment. A dog crate can also be the ideal solution for transporting your dog.

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Getting the dog crate size correctly

There are different types of dog crates and you want to get one that will be best suited for your four-legged companion. There are various factors to consider to make sure that you make the right choice. One important factor is size. When it comes to size, the goal should be to ensure that your furry friend can lie down, stand up and move around comfortably. They should not feel constricted or caged in. To get the size right, take measurements of your pet in a standing position as well as from the neck to the end of the tail. Now, add six inches to the length and to their standing height to get the size that will give them enough room.

The material a dog cage is made of

Dog crates are made of different materials from metal to hard plastic and nylon. The one that will work well for your dog friend will depend on its size and weight. Light duty dog cages made of plastic wire work well for young puppies that are small in size and light in weight. Light duty wire and nylon cages will also do for young, light pets. Wire crates are made with gauge wire that is lighter and provides wider spacing between wires.

The next option for lightweight dog crates are medium dog cages. These are made of plastic or wire and are suitable for growing puppies and smaller breeds. They are also perfect for new puppies that are being crate trained. Medium dog cages are made of gauge wire that is heavier and that has closer spacing between the wires. Plastic ones will have a wide window for ventilation to ensure that the dog does not feel like it is caged in too much.

Lastly, there are heavy duty dog cages or large dog cages. These are made for large, heavy adult dogs that are not crate-trained and for breeds that are active or aggressive. The wire ones are made of gauge wire that is even heavier and that is even more closely spaced. They are most commonly used by professional handlers and breeders

The best way to use dog cages

A dog crate works very well for training new puppies. Instead of having to buy a small crate and then a medium-sized one when your puppy grows, you can buy a medium-sized one that has a divider panel to section it off. This way your dog does not feel that they have been confined to an overwhelmingly large space.

It would be ideal to have the dog crate placed mostly inside your house. If you don’t have a lot of space indoors or you have other dog cages, consider getting a multi-door cagefor the added flexibility. Consider getting another cage for travelling. When your furry companion is trained, you can use a light duty dog crate for travel which would be convenient for its light weight and portability. Plastic or aluminium crates will also work well for a pet that has been crate-trained. If you will be taking your pet with you on an aeroplane, find out how they require it to be housed when aboard. Different airlines have different requirement and regulations.

There are also dog cages made for special occasions. There are side by side crates that are narrow and that fit two pets side by side. These are made for those who often travel with more than one pet. Another option stacking crates. This works well for those who have limited space such as a smaller car which does not provide enough room for a side by side crate.

Comfortable, convenient and high-quality dog crates from Vetsend

As you may have read, Vetsend offers a different variety of options when it comes to choosing the right dog crate for your pooch. One is the Maelson Soft Kennel Dog Crate. This crate comes in handy when you are on the go with your dog and is also easy to assemble. It is made of durable 600D nylon with a steel frame which will last for a longer period of time. The side straps are for getting it onto seat belts and the waterproof bottom keeps it dry. It comes in different sizes and has a handle at the top for easy carrying. It has room for a Maelson dog pillow so consider getting the matching one from the same brand.

Another quality option is the Pawise Wire Dog Crate. This sturdy cage has a plastic bottom and is easy to collapse for storage. A carrying handle makes it easy to lift and carry. It comes in different sizes and all except the smallest size have a front door as well as a side door.

These are just two of the many dog cages you can choose from at Vetsend. Be sure to use the size guide on the website to get the size right and contact our customer service team for further assistance if you need it. You can count on Vetsend for dog crates and other supplies you need for your four-legged family member to be happy and healthy.

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