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Dog crate

There is a dog crate for every dog! Crates come in multiple fun colours and have different dimensions, so that small and large dogs can fit inside. The crate material is sturdy and made of plastic, metal, nylon, and/or a combination of these materials. Crates haves doors in multiple places, so it can fit anywhere in the house. The crates are easily foldable, so they can be placed elsewhere and taken along easily.

Travel crate

A travel crate is used for safely transporting your dog. They are very sturdy and have enough ventilation for the dog during travel. The dog can also look outside through the crate. Travel crates come in different sizes for puppies, small, and large dogs. They are easy to fold and have a convenient handle for carrying. These dog crates can be used as car crates, but also during a holiday or at show.

Car crate

If you want to buy a crate for the car, you can look at the Trixie Dog Crate Journey, or if you want something more accessible for your dog’s entry with a nice aluminium frame, then the Trixie Graphite Transport Box might be something for you. This is a practical car crate for your dog!

Crate cushion

A crate is a place where your dog can rest, and with a crate cushion, it becomes even more comfortable. There are different cushions available that are wonderfully soft. Some cushions for the crate can be used on both sides, while others have an anti-slip bottom. The cushions come in different sizes, so they fit in multiple crates. They can be used in both a crate for home and a travel crate.

Buying a dog crate

If you want to buy a dog crate, take a look at our site and order from the extensive range at Vetsend! We have this dog crate from District 70 or this cheerful 2-door crate from Beeztees.