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Orijen is a leading brand of the company Finest Petfoods. Finest Petfoods is known from the premium brand Acana, among others.

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Orijen considers responsible entrepreneurship of great importance, because they only use environmentally responsible ingredients. They apply this idea into all the food products they have in their range. In doing so, they use the best fresh regional products.

Environmentally responsible

Orijen works together with local suppliers who grow or catch their food in a sustainable way. All ingredients are then professionally prepared in one of Orijen’s kitchens. The focus of Orijen is really on meat-rich food with small amounts of vegetables, fruit and herbs. This is to imitate the natural needs of dogs and cats as well as they possibly can.

Orijen: For real meat lovers

Orijen dog food and Orijen cat food for real meat lovers. This food is rich in meat and contains only small amounts of vegetables, fruit and herbs. This way Orijen meets the natural nutritional needs of dogs and cats. Orijen Whole Prey contains fresh ingredients such as edible bone, chicken cartilage, bone marrow and organ meat such as chicken hearts, chicken liver, lamb liver and green tripe.

Different varieties

Orijen is available in different varieties, each with its own characteristics. Orijen divides its range into dog food and cat food and then into the appropriate life stage. They offer Whole Prey and the Dried Freeze line from Orijen. The Whole Prey line focuses on 100% natural food for dogs and cats. This food collection from Orijen has a combination of fresh meat, fresh fish and small amounts of vegetables, fruit and herbs. Orijen does this to simulate the natural diet of dogs and cats. In addition, dogs and cats simply find this very tasty. The Whole Prey line has different types of food with the above properties for each age category dogs and cats. A good example of a diet from this range is the Orijen Adult Dog Whole Prey or the Fit & Trim Dog Whole Prey. For example, the Orijen Fit & Trim Dog Whole Prey only has lean meat, specifically for obese dogs.

Orijen Freeze dried

Besides Whole Prey, Orijen also offers a range with freeze-dried food and treats. The ingredients of this freeze-dried food are frozen for eighteen hours. During this process, the temperature lowers to -50°C. During this process the water in the ingredients freezes and evaporates without losing important nutrients. Two examples of this are the Orijen Cat Treats Freeze Dried Whole Prey and the Orijen Dog Treats Freeze Dried Whole Prey.