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Dog Clothes

Discover our collection of trendy and functional dog apparel, specially designed to keep your furry friend warm, protected and fashionable. Our diverse assortment provides your pet with extra comfort and these let your dog shine in unique styles and materials to suit his or her individual needs and your personal taste. Treat your dog to the perfect look!

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In some situations it can be practical to put a jacket or sweater on your dog, e.g. if the weather is particularly bad or if your dog’s fur is too thin and it freezes easily. Vetsend offers various dog coats or jackets from brands such as Hurtta or Trixie.

If your dog is a fanatic swimmer, a dog bathrobe is a good investment. With this you can dry your dog and it helps him stay warm. But a bathrobe is not only a good idea for dog that love to swim. It’s also useful for when you just washed your dog.

Functionality is key

Dogs with short coats, little undercoat or dogs that come from warmer countries and still need to get used to the colder climate can benefit from a coat. This is because these coats offer protection from cold and moisture. Old and sick dogs often have a lower quality coat, and puppies have a different type of coat than adult dogs. In these cases, too, it may be useful to purchase a dog coat.

Protection from rain and improved visibility

Dog coat is the best protection your dog has from the rain, but dogs with coat problems can use a dog coat. If your dog just has a healthy coat, you can still choose to use a raincoat. This is because they protect against dirt and wetness, ideal when you don’t have time or don’t feel like cleaning or drying your dog.

Different types of coats for different needs

Our assortment includes different types of coats, such as rain coats that protect against dirt and wetness, winter coats with thermal lining, coats with harnesses and dog sweaters for extra warmth. There are also bathrobes that ensure that your four-legged friend dries quickly again.

Need for a coat in different breeds

The size of the dog does not determine the need for a coat. Several breeds may benefit from a winter coat due to their short coat or little undercoat. Dog breeds that may benefit from a winter coat:

French Bulldog
Great Dane
Yorkshire Terrier
Crested dogs

Always make sure your dog is not too hot or too cold. Every animal is unique and so are dog coats.