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Cat Medical Supplies

In this category, you’ll find products that can help your cat after surgery or if he has got an injury. If your cat has a wound, there is a chance it will get infected if it didn’t get the proper care. Licking, scratching and biting might make the injury even worse. This category is divided into 4 subcategories; protective t-shirts, protective collars, medical tools and first aid with injuries.

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First Aid – Injuries

In the first aid category, Vetsend offers different products that help you disinfect and care for your cat’s injuries. Think of protective creams and sprays that support the healing process. All these products have a long description so you’ll know how to use them.

Protective t-shirts

Protective shirts are very useful after surgery, or if your cat has skin issues or injuries. A protective t-shirt ensures the damaged areas are protected without compromising your cat’s ability to move. These t-shirts are great if you don’t want to use a protective collar. You can wash the shirts at 30 degrees.

Protective collars

protective collar or protective cone is often used after surgery to keep your cat from licking or biting its wounds. Every product has its own sizing chart so you can make sure to get the right cone for your cat. Vetsend offers 2 types of collars in our assortment; regular and inflatable collars.


There’s nothing better than a litter of kittens. However, people often forgot a litter comes with a need for many medical supplies. Think of heat lamps, pads and kitten bottles. Easy to combine with kitten milk for when you need to feed a kitten.