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Diet Dog Food

A nutritious, balanced diet is important for your dog’s health and fitness.

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Many dogs obtain sufficient nutrients from maintenance food, however, there are some that need a special diet food, such as dogs with joint, skin, gastrointestinal, kidney, bladder or obesity problems. A diet food for these dogs has many advantages as they provide support for the aforementioned health issues.

Diet food range

Vetsend has over 100 different types of diet food to support your dog’s health. Always speak to your vet before feeding your dog a special diet food.


Vetality offers diet food that helps your pet to stay as vital as possible. There is diet food that supports the gastrointestinal tract and the pancreas, food to reduce intolerances and support the skin function and food that supports dogs that are overweight and suffer from joint problems.

Types of diet food

There are many different types of diet food. For each condition, there is a suitable diet food that provides extra support and contributes to a happy dog. Below are several conditions where a diet food can provide the necessary support.

Bladder – Urinary tract

Dogs often have problems with the lower urinary tract. A major cause of urinary tract problems is the formation of bladder debris, an annoying and painful condition. The most common bladder crystals are struvite and calcium oxalate. Royal Canin Urinary S/O Dog and TROVET Urinary Struvite ASD Dog are nutrients that can be both problem-solving and preventative in the treatment of bladder debris.

Pregnant – Nursing

After or during a period of pregnancy and lactation your female dog may need some extra attention and care. TROVET Recovery Liquid CCL Dog/Cat and Royal Canin Recovery have been specially developed to help your female dog recover.

Dental disorders

Unfortunately, your best companion cannot brush his own teeth, which can lead to the formation of plaque or tartar. Vetsend has included special diets to support dental hygiene, such as Hill’s t/d Mini Dental Care – Prescription Diet – Canine and Royal Canin Dental Dog.


There are dogs that are prone to joint diseases, such as arthrosis or osteoarthritis. There are also dogs that suffer from joints problems as a result of being overweight or because of old age. To support the joints of your dog and thus improve your dog’s mobility, use Eukanuba Joint Mobility – Veterinary Diet – Dog. In case of osteoarthritis Royal Canin Mobility Dog C2P+ or in case of osteoarthritis HPM Veterinary Dietetic Dog – Joint.


Heart disease is generally more common in older dogs. Heart failure is often the result of a heart valve or heart muscle that does not work as it should. Hill’s h/d Heart Care – Prescription Diet – Canine and Specific Omega Plus Support COD are dietary foods that support the heart function of your faithful four-legged friend.

Recovery (after illness)

After a period of illness, your dog may benefit from a nutritional recovery diet. Help your dog get back on his feet in no time with dietary foods such as Specific Intensive Support.

Skin – Coat

Skin reactions and skin problems are often accompanied by hypersensitivity to certain ingredients in food. Your dog will benefit from hypoallergenic foods, such as Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Dog and TROVET RRD Hypoallergenic (Rabbit).


Specific Omega Plus Support COD has been specially developed by veterinarians and researchers for the nutritional treatment of dogs with cancer.


Much progress has been made in recent years in identifying the causes of liver disease and its treatment. Dogs with liver disease need high energy dietary foods such as TROVET Hepatic HLD Dog.

Stomach – Intestines (digestion)

To improve the health of the gastrointestinal tract and digestion, we offer Eukanuba Intestinal – Veterinary Diet – Dog.


Kidney diseases can be kept under control for a long time with the help of veterinary treatment. A nutritional diet such as Specific Heart & Kidney Support CKD/CKW or Royal Canin Renal Dog is often part of the treatment.

Old age – Dementia

Dogs can suffer from age-related complaints as they get older. Dietary food will provide your ageing dog with support in, for example, brain ageing. Take a look at Hill’s b/d Ageing & Alertness – Prescription Diet – Canine or TROVET Mobility & Geriatrics MGD Dog.

Overweight – Obesity

Overweight dogs are often lethargic and have a higher risk of health diseases. To reach the proper weight and to maintain a healthy weight, you can give your dog Eukanuba Restricted Calorie – Veterinary Diets – Dog. Would you like to spoil your furry friend with a tasty treat? Then have a look at Hill’s Metabolic Treats.

For pets, excess weight can be as damaging as it can be for humans. It increases the chance of getting diabetes, heart conditions, respiratory problems and osteoarthritis. Dogs with excess weight can benefit from special diet food. Read all about excess weight in dogs in the articles written by our in-house veterinarian and receive free veterinary advice.


Dogs can become restless, anxious or nervous in certain situations. Stressful situations are visits to your local veterinarian, thunderstorms or fireworks. Your pet may then benefit from food with a calming effect, such as Royal Canin Calm Diet Dog or Hill’s i/d Stress Mini – Digestive Care – Prescription Diet – Canine.


Diabetes mellitus is relatively common in older dogs, but juvenile diabetes can also occur. In most cases, the disease can be treated well with insulin and appropriate nutrition, such as Royal Canin Diabetic Dog.

Food allergy or intolerance

Food allergies in cats and dogs seem to occur increasingly often. For pets with food allergies, Vetsend offers an extended range in diet food. This food generally contains only one source of unique protein. An example of a popular brand that offers these types of diets is TROVET.

Purchasing a diet food

Does your dog have a condition or need extra support? You can find a suitable diet at Vetsend. On our page with diet foods, you’re sure to find a suitable food for your dog!