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Horse Licks

A horse lick can help your horse to consume sufficient salts, minerals and trace elements. A salt deficiency can lead to a reduced intake of protein and energy from food and may result in dry skin and rapid fatigue. Such a deficiency can manifest itself in licking of hands, walls and fences. A horse lick can help to remedy these deficiencies. There are also horse licks that can be used to distract your horse in stressful situations.

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White Salt Licks

These salt licks contain sodium chloride, magnesium, iron, sink and iodine. These minerals make the block perfectly suitable as a contribution to the current diet for your horse.

Himalayan Salt Licks

These salt licks are similar to the classic white licking block, however, they contain extra minerals. Many horses prefer the taste of this salt lick compared to a white horse lick. The Himalayan Block is pink, which is because of the oxidized iron in the stone.

Tasty Salt Lick in different flavours

Does your horse or pony get bored quickly? Consider giving him a nice treat like a flavoured horse lick. These horse licks come in different aromas, like apple, carrot and honey. Like the Excellent Sweet Lick Refill, these are meant as an extra treat or to keep your horse entertained in his stable.

Horse Lick Holders

To ensure your horse or pony can enjoy his mineral lick, it’s best to place it in a horse lick holder which you can place in your stable. This way, your horse lick stays clean and dry. Want to give your horse a little extra entertainment? Turn a salt lick into a game with the Jolly Stable Snack Combo . This product is a combination of a licking block and a playing ball, which is an added challenge for your horse. Extra fun in the stable!