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Small Pets Treats

Vetsend offers snacks from many different brands, like JR Farm, Bunny Nature and Esve. These snacks are perfect if you want to spoil your small friend!

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Hay Snacks

We all know that love goes through the stomach. Every rabbit loves a bit of hay, and that is why we provide different hay snacks in our assortment. Want to add a little something to your pet’s enclosure? Have a look at the JR Farm Hay Cube. This completely edible hay cube is filled with aromatic meadow hay and dried meadow flowers or crunchy mealworms. We also have edible houses, which your pet can snuggle into and munch on at the same time, like the JR Farm Hay House.

Vegetable and fruit snacks

Does your rabbit get really excited when you offer him a piece of fruit or vegetable? Consider getting him a fruit snack like the Versele-Laga Complete Crock. This treat has a crispy shell and delicious apple or carrot-flavoured filling. Want to give your pet a little more variation? JR Farm Fruit Salad Mix consist of several high-quality dried fruits.

Bunny Nature

Bunny Nature has many different healthy snacks. With this brand, you can treat your pet without him being unhealthy! These exclusive snacks are made out of natural ingredients. Do you want to offer him something even more special? Look at the Bunny Nature All Nature Mid Mix Botanicals, which copies the diet they would have in the wild.

Chewing Snack

Rabbits love to chew, so offer him a chewing snack! These snacks are placed in their enclosure and will keep your pet happy and occupied. The Bunny Nature Interactive Coffeewood is a tasty chew object that is made of real wood from the Kentucky Coffeetree. It will definitely keep your rabbit challenged.