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Pig Feed

When you give your pig(s) the wrong feed, this could potentially develop into health issues like joint problems, iron deficiencies and digestive complications. To prevent this, you could give your pig special feed. This feed is rich in fibre and has low fat and low protein content. In our assortment, you’ll find brands like Versele-Laga and Bivo. The feed on this page is suitable for pigs, minipigs and potbellied pigs.

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Made specifically for farm animals, Versela-Laga has different feeds containing either pellets or muesli. The Versele-Laga Country’s Best Caprina 3&4 Pellet is additional feed for mini pigs or potbellied pigs. These are suitable for pigs older than 3 months (suitable during gestation periods as well). If you are looking for feed for younger pigs (3 weeks – 3 months), have a look at the Versele-Laga Country’s Best Caprifloc 2 Muesli which contains growth pellets, maize flakes and barley flakes.


Bivo is another brand that provides good quality feed for your pigs. The Bivo Organic Dry Food for Pigs can be used as the complete feed for your pet pigs and it contains many organic raw materials without fertilisers or pesticides. The Bivo Organic Muesli for Free Range Pigs is also made of organic ingredients and contains dry food in combination with carrot flakes.