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The Ovi Range is made for sheep. It’s advisable to give your sheep concentrates as well as their roughage diet. Their feeding schedule should change with age and different development phases. Have a look at Versele-Laga Country’s Best Ovimash 3 Muesli, a feed for lambs and sheep from the age of 6 weeks. The feed is a mixture of pellets, barley and maize flakes.


Country’s Best also offers the CAPRI line, which is made specifically for deer and goats. Goats are herd animals and can be specific about their feed. Good quality feed is the base for good health. Like sheep, deer are a ruminant species, meaning their digestive system is different to other animals. A deer’s metabolism is heavily influenced by the seasons. In winter, their growth stagnates and this isn’t related to the food they eat. Since deer have a lot in common with goats, CAPRI feed is suitable for them too. We have 3 different Capri feed, Versele-Laga Country’s Best Caprifloc 2 MuesliVersele-Laga Country’s Best Caprina 3&4 Pellet or Versele-Laga Country’s Best Caprimash 3&4 Muesli


The Herbi range is perfectly suitable for larger herbivores like alpacas, lamas, camels and kangaroos. Alpacas and lamas do tend to be fussier about their feed, so there’s also feed from the Capri range that is suitable for these animals.