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Puppy Supplies

Are you the proud owner of a new puppy? You need a couple of important supplies. Like a comfortable soft dog bed, a fashionable collar and a water and food bowl.

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A crate could also come in handy in the beginning! Vetsend has all the supplies you need to help your puppy grow into an adult dog.

Collars, leads and harnesses

Going for a walk with your puppy? Make sure you have a strong lead and a well-fitting collar or harness! The benefit of a harness is that it equally divides pressure over the entire chest area and doesn’t put strain on your puppy’s neck. An example is the Puppia Soft Vest Harness. This harness is made with soft airmesh lining and your puppy can simply step into it, so it won’t have to go over his or her head.

Food and water bowls

A long walk will probably make your puppy hungry and thirsty. Vetsend offers a range of fun food and water bowls. Check out the Beeztees Dog Bowl First Bite or the Trixie Ergonomic Food and Water Bowl. Does your puppy eat too quickly? Take a look at our slow feeders. These resemble puzzles, so your puppy has to work to get to his or her food. It will help your puppy eat more slowly and chew better. This has a positive effect on your little friend’s health and teeth.

Soft beds

Time for a nap! Vetsend offers a range of soft beds and baskets for your small puppy. A long walk and delicious meal will definitely make your puppy tired. Let him or her take a nap in one of the beds from Beeztees, like the Beeztees Yali Plush Donut Bed. A super soft donut bed that makes your puppy feel safe!


Want to teach your puppy to spend the nights in a crate? Be sure to make it his or her safe space. The Beeztees 2-door Crate is a trendy crate that’s available in two colours. Not only is the crate easy to set up, it’s also easy to clean. Use the Beeztees Lounge Pillow Crate Mola to turn the crate in a soft and comfortable bed that’s perfect for dreaming.