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Protective Collars & Cones for Dogs

A protective collar is often used after operations to prevent that your dog licks or bites the healing wound. At Vetsend you can choose from a wide range of protective collars for dogs.

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An important fact is that it is very important is that a protective collar fits well with your dog. The most important point to consider when choosing the right size is the distance between the nose and neck. The protective collar should come past the nose to prevent that your dog can reach his body with his nose. Each collar on our website has its own clear size chart in which it is clearly stated which sizes are required. Dogs are tempted to make sure that they pull off their cone. To prevent this, you can attach the protective cone to a collar using an elastic loop to the tip of a protective collar.

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Types of protective collars

Vetsend provides two different types of protective collars, standard collars and inflatable collars. The advantage of an inflatable protective collar is that you can deflate it and wash it easily. The inflatable material is also soft, which feels good for your dog. The regular protective collars are all made of soft material, which is also very comfortable with your dog.

Large selection dog protective collars

Vetsend has a wide range of protective collars, each with their own colour, design and material. But the main purpose of a protective collar is to prevent your dog from licking or biting a healing wound. A popular collar for dogs is the Comfy Cone. This protective collar is a pleasantly wearable, soft collar made of laminated nylon over a firm foam layer. This product has also been tested by veterinary physicians and tried on anxious and aggressive dogs. The test showed that both anxious and aggressive dogs generally felt calmer and less stressed by wearing the Comfort Cone.