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Dog Water Toys

Does your dog love to play in and around the water? Then it is important that your dog’s toys are suitable for water fun as well. Vetsend has a vast range in floating water toys. This way, you and your dog can have lots of water fun playing around! Please look on our website for all the popular water toys from brands, such as Chuckit!, KONG and All for Paws.

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Water toys for dogs

On hot days, cooling is very important. Playing in the water is a great refreshing solution! Playing in the water becomes even more fun with water toys. Water toys for dogs often have distinctive colours and float on the water surface. This makes it easy for your four-legged friend to see the toy clearly. Let the water fun begin!

Water fetching toys

Playing together is more fun than playing alone. Our range includes several water toys for dogs that are suitable for playing together. Fetch water toys are very suitable for dogs that love swimming. The Trixie Dog Activity MOT-Aqua Toy is a fun fetch toy for dogs that stays afloat on water. The special shape and colour of the toy make it stand out in the water, so it’s easy to find. Water toys come in different shapes and sizes. Does your dog like hunting? Then the Trixie Floating Duck can be a nice addition!

Cooling effect

Many water toys absorb water like a sponge. As soon as your four-legged friend bites into the toy, the water will give a lovely cooling sensation in the mouth. The Beeztees Fill-n-Freeze Ice Cream Cone is a refreshing and fun dog toy that is perfect for hot summer days. Simply fill the ice cream cone with water and put it in the freezer.